Procrastination Meter and Effort/Impact tracking in Notion

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It's been 3 months since I started using my next actions template in notion, requirements change and I'm happy to show you what is working for me at this moment

Effort and Impact

I reduce the number of "importance" tracking columns from three to two, in my previous blog post where I explain my setup in detail I was using energy, time and impact to measure and sort my next actions. Since energy and time are comparable, I'm now only tracking Effort and Impact.With this I can create tasks faster since there's only these metrics to think about.

The only other issue that I had was that I didn't have an overview of tasks that I was procrastinating on, I have the "added" column, a date field that I set to the day I created the task, but I wasn't paying much attention to it. That's where my new Procrastination columnn comes in.

Procrastination Forecast


The "Gettings Things Done" method is about having tasks, next actions that are doable, if they're not it's important to break them down in to smaller tasks, or re-evaluate the task itself. I started to see some tasks that didn't get completed, and started to wonder why that was. Most of the times the task was too big to complete in a single focus block! Focus blocks, to me are a period of undivided time dedicated to a certain project or task.

With the procrastination column, I now know the impact (or importance, value) of a task, the effort it will take, and how long it's been lying around.


Take me to the Next Actions template

My procrastination method uses two columns, one column to calculate the days that have passed since the next action was added, the other column has a bunch of if-else to display the correct emoji. The reason we use two different columns for this is so I can sort on the column that counts the days passed, in my Procrastination view of the next actions table. If we were to sort on the formula that outputs the correct weather emoji based on the count, it wouldn't be possible to sort ascending or descending on that column

Create a formula column called _daysAgo and add the following formula

dateBetween(now(), prop("Added"), "days")

Columns that I generally only use for sorting or further calculations down the line, and not displaying, I start with an underscore.

Next add the Procrastination column, you can call it however you like, and add the following code.

if(prop("_daysAgo") < 5, "☀️", if(prop("_daysAgo") < 10, "🌤", if(prop("_daysAgo") < 15, "⛅️", if(prop("_daysAgo") < 20, "☁️", if(prop("_daysAgo") < 25, "🌧", if(prop("_daysAgo") < 30, "⛈", "☃️"))))))

With the formula above, you can swap out the numbers, for me less then 5 days is a sunny day, more then 30 days is the ice symbol, meaning it's time to do this task!

My Other Templates

Due to a few people requesting a template of the methods described in my blog posts, I created a shared template that has my latest version of the Next Actions, Projects and Weekly Review Feel free to use this template to your own liking!